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Why Are Electricians Important?

How long would you survive without electricity? Electricians are important because you need electricity. How often do you use the internet? How about charging your phone? Do you watch TV? What about the dryer and the oven and the refrigerator? There are more areas than you think that use electricity. And furthermore, electricians help you out with that more than you know.

Can you imagine your house without air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter? If you live in a place where there are extreme weather conditions you can’t really get away without them. Plus, your water could be run by an electric generator which means that you have to have proper electricity running through your house to keep the water heated.

Kitchen appliances may be run by electricity as well. Electric stoves, coffee makers, blenders and the refrigerator all run on electricity. People don’t realize just how important electricity can be. Furthermore, the maintenance of your electrical system is important too. You should check up on your electrical system every year to avoid fires and other complications.

Lots of electrical wiring is made of copper. The thing is, rats and bugs love copper. They chew on copper wiring in your walls and fray them so they are exposed. This can short out your electrical system or possibly start a fire. It can all be avoided if the system is just checked on a routine schedule every so often. While things look like they are running smoothly you may have a problem.

Do your lights flicker? That could be a weak flow of energy to your house. While the wires can be fine, the local power supply could be lacking. An electrician can figure that out using his equipment. They have meters that will indicate how strong of a current is passing through your house and detect any disturbances in the wires.

Your security system helps with keeping burglars out. Having your electricity go out due to a shortage in the middle of the night and a burglar coming in that same night would be a really unfortunate situation. If you have your local electrician come by and check up on everything then you have much less of a chance of that happening.

Your lights and charging systems run on electricity as well. Imagine not being able to charge your cell phone. General electricians will be able to figure loads and wire sizes and read blueprints of your electricity system to take care of your needs properly. They can use power tools and get to places your electricity runs that you can’t. They have the knowledge of your needs and what signs of electricity problems mean so they can resolve them quickly. They can reverse engineer an entire electrical system to troubleshoot

Having an electrician around is going to do you good. They are important for the maintenance of your home or office and can do many things to help you keep it working properly.

Source by Mark Middleton

Electrical Engineer Salary – Career Information

The area of ​​specialization of an electrical engineer is the ability to use electronics and electricity theory to create devices and systems that benefit society as a whole. This kind of expertise is needed across a wide variety of industries such as telecommunications, power generation, power electronics, biomedical technology and circuit design. Demand for electricity generation and distribution is the primary source of many opportunities for aspiring electrical engineers. The high demand for the particular knowledge base and skill set of this discipline is also due to the growing demand for high-tech devices such as smart phones and tablets. An engineer who has the necessary qualifications will find an array of opportunities to choose from in the job market. The demand for engineers is partly due to the expansion of the telecommunications industry and the aging engineers working in these divisions who either are about to retire or are being promoted to higher levels of management. Another reason for the demand is that over the past few years there has been a decline in the number of engineers graduating with this particular degree. It is interesting to note that an electrical engineer salary is actually one of the top 3 highest paid disciplines of engineering.

To start your engineering career and work as an Engineer in Training (EIT) you need to first complete a Bachelor's degree in engineering. This four year professional degree can be completed at any accredited college or university that offers an engineering program.

Before you can work as a professional engineer it is necessary to complete an ethics exam and some training under the supervision of a senior engineer. If you are not yet ready to start your career, an alternative course of action is to return to school and pursue a Master's in Engineering degree and possibly even a doctorate degree after that if you are interested in becoming a professor. The master's and doctorate degrees improve your career opportunities and increase the salary you will receive, but it is important to note that the basic requirements are a bachelor's degree and a license as discussed earlier.

Once you have this professional degree, you must choose to work in a field such as telecommunications, power, biomedical, microelectronics. The demand for electrical engineers is high in all of these disciplines. Depending on your skill level and ability to perform the duties and responsibilities a particular job requires, the salary can be extremely rewarding. A recent study has shown that the average income is between $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 per year. The salary is completely dependent on the experience and ability of the engineer in his or her area of ​​specialization. The entry-level and training positions are typically paid at least $ 48,000 per year. If the engineer has a master's or doctorate degree in electrical engineering, their income would be considerably higher at all levels of employment than that of someone who only holds a bachelor's degree.

Source by Jacob Greenly

Electrical Contractors – A Burning Issue

There is an old tradesman’s story that is well known but bears repeating. The electrical installations partially fail in a man’s house and the washing machine stops. He opens the door thinking the cycle has finished and floods the kitchen. Water pours everywhere.

Our chap doesn’t know much about physics but he knows water and electricity are a tricky combination. He checks fuses and basic stuff but cannot solve the problem. In desperation he calls out an electrical contractor.

The electrician duly arrives and works his magic. He tests here, strips out there and soon sources the problem. In no time at all the electrical power is safely restored.

The householder is delighted … until he sees the bill. “What!” he exclaims, “£97.50 for a strip of wire?”

“Oh no” the electrician replies, “The strip of wire was £7.50. It’s £90 for knowing which strip of wire”

Electrical Safety

As the Electrical Safety Council says, “It’s easy to make an electrical circuit work… It’s far harder to make the circuit work safely”( Choose a registered Electrician).

That’s it really isn’t it? Not only is electricity power but knowledge is power too. Where knowledge is technical those who are not in the know need to feel trust. They must be assured they are dealing with an honest reliable electrical contractor. For more details see my article Electrical contractors: Finding that Trusted Provider.

Lets face it nobody wants to renew their fixed wiring. It is, however, on some occasions a necessity. When that necessity occurs it is essential that we be assured of safety. What we really buy from our electrical contractor is integrity and peace of mind.

The Electrical Contractor as a Vital Link

You cannot afford the economies and shortcuts offered by the bodger. This is why an experienced, certificated and registered electrical contractor is invaluable.

He will be up to date with all current knowledge and regulations but much more importantly he will be able to recognise sub-standard work and parts so that you don’t have to. Basically he knows “which strip of wire” is integral to your safety.

Your electrical contractor is the vital link between you and all the regulations set up to guard you. Choose wisely.

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Source by Dave M. Smith

How to Become an Expert & Professional Electrician

Starting a career as an electrician can bring a lot of freedom and job satisfaction. Considered an essential trade, this job will ensure work in a number of different sectors, as electricians are required for a number of domestic and commercial services, ranging from installations and maintenance right through to highway systems electricians.

This job can also provide great opportunities, especially for the self-employed electricians who can set their own working hours and working conditions to a certain extent. For those who want to work for companies, there are plenty of opportunities available for staff electricians, therefore this is a role that is ideal for those who are looking for job security and a choice of how and where they work.

Becoming a qualified electrician is not as difficult as one might imagine. For those looking for information how to become a qualified electrician, there are plenty of details on the topic available from national careers websites, tailored to individuals according to their location around the world. With that said, here are a few useful tips on how to become a qualified electrician.

First of all, it is worth bearing in mind that there are certain skills that you may benefit from if you decide to become an electrician. These include being a good practical worker, the ability and attention to be able to follow very technical plans, as well as ability to understand the needs of clients and being able to problem solve efficiently.

However, these are skills are some that one can gain through training and experience, so if you feel lacking in any of these areas, it is important to know that it is not the end of the world and it should not let put you off pursuing a career in this particular area.

Generally, as an electrician you need to complete a number of nationally recognised qualifications. This will ensure that you have all the skills necessary to carry out your job and also abide by national regulations and health and safety legislation. This is indeed the first step to becoming a qualified electrician if this is your career goal.

Depending on where you are in the world, there are different training courses available which will cover content that is relevant to your particular country and even your local area. In the UK for sample – a country which is a highly regulated one in regards to health and safety – there are several nationally recognised qualifications that you can take in order to become qualified.

The best way to find the right qualification for you is to get in touch with a good professional training company that deals with training electricians. They will be able to advise you in relation to your unique circumstances and ambitions, as well as advise you on training if you are either a recent school leaver or someone who is currently employed and looking to change careers.

Although there are a set number of nationally recognised qualifications that should be taken before becoming an electrician, many of the companies that deliver this kind of training offer flexible courses ranging from full-time intense courses to more extensive and longer-term study solutions.

In the UK, you will need to have one of the following qualifications: Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Electro technical Services (Electrical Maintenance), Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment (Buildings, Structures and the Environment), or a Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures).

The important thing is essentially to get a qualification that is recognised and then start work. For some individuals it is possible to get this training through an apprenticeship, although access to these is often restricted to certain age groups and certain locations in the country. These apprenticeships will cover courses such as Level 1 Diploma in Electrical Installation.

If you cannot find an apprenticeship or do not qualify for one, there is no need to be concerned. Getting in touch with a reputable training provider for electricians will give you the opportunity to find out how you can become a qualified electrician, with the training company being able to guide you to reach your goals.
Source by Abby Fermont

Guidelines for Working in, on or Around Someone’s Home

In home service contractors and delivery people have been interwoven into American life since the colonial times. Cleaning services, tradesman such as painters, plumbers, electricians, handymen and the like have been serving us at home for years. Interior decorators, design consultants, personal trainers, dog walkers and trainers and personal chefs have now been added to the mix. These people are being paid for their services, some of them quite well. Why is it they often act as if they are doing you a favor or are just plain offensive? Below are 10 rules one should follow when working in someone’s home or on their property.

1. Never show up late or not show up at all without calling. And if you are late do not act like it’s not a big deal. The person paying you has valued time also.

2. Do not use the bathroom without asking permission or better yet take care of that before you arrive.

3. Never eat your breakfast while waiting for the door to be answered. A cup of coffee or bottled water is OK in most cases.

4. Be sure to be polite and teach your workers to be polite. If they do not speak the language teach them to say good morning, how are you, excuse me and thank you.

5. Pay a compliment to the homeowner about their home, their garden, their children or even their dog. It makes people feel good and makes a nice impression.

6. Never park a work vehicle in the driveway without first asking permission unless there is absolutely nowhere else to park.

7. Tell the workers to take breaks out of earshot of the homeowners if the crew has a tendency to engage in loud conversations.

8. Wipe your feet or remove or cover your shoes if necessary.

9. Clean up after the job.

10. Keep a neat, clean appearance. No one wants grubby people in their home. If you’re a painter its OK to wear paint splattered coveralls.

It does not seem like these are difficult guidelines to follow but they must be. I got them all from personal experiences. I once took the day off from work and the contractor was a no show. He called the next day and said he was tied up on another job. I had another worker walk in from outside without knocking and asked “Where’s the bathroom?” Before I could tell him he found it and used it like it had a sign on it that said Men. I have had oil and roofing nails in the driveway and one nail in my tire. I had workers push past me like I was not there without even a nod. I heard them talk about their last customer and what an expletive he was. One roofer showed up reeking of alcohol.

Please do not misconstrue this. I have had many excellent contractors and in home service people in the past. Those I have always referred to other customers and deservedly so.

This makes me turn to another aspect of service which is the estimate. Let me tell you the story of the tree. It was big and ragged, dropping branches all over and needed a trim desperately. I called in three tree trimmers or arborists as they are called for estimates. The first showed up in a beautiful, big, shiny black truck with an airbrushed picture of a forest on the door. This truck had chrome everything and more lights then I have ever seen on a pick up. He was wearing new pressed jeans and leather dress boots and a white sports shirt. 30 minutes later he handed me an estimate written on one of those aluminum contractor pads. I did not know there was that much involved in trimming a tree. There were terms like shaping, future growth, nearby power lines, care to protect nesting birds (it was early winter) and more. The bottom line, 2000.00.

Then the next guy showed up on a Harley. He walked over, helmet in hand and looked at the tree and said 800.00. I asked if I could have it in writing and he said sure. He wrote 800.00 on the back of a business card and rode off.

The third guy came by and took about 15 minutes to write up an estimate. It said “trim dead and unwanted growth from cherry tree, 1200.00.”

I said, “See you next week”.

Yes the other arborist was cheaper but I was afraid he would fall out of the tree and have no insurance. Impressions mean everything.
Source by David M Reed

Commercial Electrical Contractors

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in commercial electrical contractors which specialize in almost all potential aspects of domestic and industrial electrical installations. Despite the fact that many commercial electrical contracting firms have only emerged in the last few years, there are several such firms that have built up decades of experience and have established themselves and as a result have built up excellent reputations as being trustworthy and reliable as a result of their providing a comprehensive, fast service and guaranteeing an exceptionally high standard of electrical installations and services. Another bonus to the service offered by these commercial electrical contractors is that despite being based in only one location, they can offer their services to potential customers in a very wide surrounding area.

These commercial electrical contractors offer a comprehensive range of services with projects that can range from smaller domestic installations to larger, more commercial and industrial installations such as those that are of great importance in the pharmaceutical industry. The processes involved in such installations can potentially include the setting up of single and three phase wiring circuits as well as the installation of all types of wiring systems. Other services that are offered by these commercial electrical contractors include the installation of emergency lighting, the testing of portable appliances as well as setting up automated door, gate and other such entry systems as well as installing the technology and equipment that would be required so as to conduct video conferences, a bonus for any business. Typically, the industrial level installations conducted by these businesses are the complete installation of main distribution of lighting and power to new factory units as well as conducting the refurbishment of old factory outlets.

The majority of the commercial electrical contractor firms in operation are approved by NICEIC regulations and all electrical work is completed to BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations (17th Edition) and are therefore covered by the issuing of a NICEIC Electrical Completion Certificate. Potential customers can also take peace of mind in the fact that many commercial electrical contractors are members of well-respected contracting groups such as Construction online, Safe Contractor and the government backed Trustmark group (an initiative which is supported by consumer protection organizations as well as many key businesses and members of the building industry). These groups assist householders in finding trustworthy and reliable tradesmen to conduct improvements and repairs to the inside as well as outside of their homes.

Source by Natalie Eastaugh

Upgrade Your Home With New Lighting Fixtures and Ceiling Fans – Call Your Local Electrician Today!

Switching out your old light fixtures is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your home. Quick and easy, replacing lighting fixtures and adding ceiling fans is an affordable way to improve your decorating and add value at the same time. Remember, for the best, safest lighting installation, always use a qualified electrician!

Appropriate lighting can make all the difference in your décor and your home. For starters, dated, old light fixtures can make your home look shabby or out of style. Changing such lights out for more modern looks can really help your home look trendy and contemporary. Choosing classic styles can help you get the most bang for your buck, as they won’t ever go out of style!

Keep in mind that lighting levels can affect the way your home looks and feels. A well-lit room will seem cozy and inviting, but a poorly lit room can be dark and dim or harshly bright. Your local electricians in Kansas City should be able to help you design a lighting system that will complement your home, not compete with it. From assisting you in selecting light fixtures to installing sockets and wiring, your electrician will be able to help you turn your lighting into fabulous interior design! There are countless options when it comes to switching out your existing lights, including:

  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Recessed lighting
  • Pendant lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Track lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Wall sconces
  • Wall fixtures

No matter which style you choose, your residential electrician can correctly and competently install your new lighting to create a beautiful new look in your home.

Ceiling fans are also a great option for upgrading your lighting fixtures. Many are available with integrated lights, meaning you can light your space and get affordable cooling at the same time! While air conditioners push up your electrical bills, ceiling fans use approximately the same amount of energy as a standard overhead light, so you get great cooling without significantly raising your energy bills. Ceiling fans are available in a great range of styles and options, so you can attractively update your lighting and decrease your energy bills all at the same time. For your safety, we highly recommend using a professional electrician to install your ceiling fan. Incorrectly installed ceiling fans can even fall down; causing serious damage, making a mess, and potentially harming you or your family, so opt for expert ceiling fan installation every time!

So whether you’re looking to sell your home or plan to enjoy it for years to come, switching out your lighting fixtures is a great way to improve your interior design. From eliminating dated looks to increasing energy efficiency with ceiling fans, changing your light fixtures is a quick, easy way to increase the value of your home! Call your local electrician [] today to get started!

Source by Matt Gallo

Electrical Engineering Career Training

Almost every area of society from homes to businesses has become saturated with electrical technology like computers and electrical circuits. The need for constant technological updates and maintenance provides students with numerous career and educational opportunities. Career training in electrical engineering is available for students that want to contribute to the industry.

Study is centered on electrical science, computer, and electrical technology. The goal of education is to provide students with the knowledge to maintain, operate, develop, and improve electrical systems in a plethora of areas. Trained students can enter careers that include:

  • Electrical Technicians
  • Developers
  • Researchers

Undergraduate training is the beginning of any career. An associate’s degree program promotes the understanding of basic electrical mechanics and circuitry. Through the study of industry systems students can enter the field in two years. Many programs offer a technology based education that develops the skills needed to work as repair operators. Electricity basics, controls, electric codes, and electronic instruments are studied to develop a solid foundation in the field. Career work centers on the ability to manage and repair computer, production, and automotive systems.

Most students looking to enter career training begin by completing a bachelor’s degree. Training gives students a comprehensive and complete understanding of all work related areas like math and physics. Field related career work has graduate students working to design electrical and electronic systems for industries like communications, entertainment, and health care. A communications systems course teaches students about television, radio, and wireless technology. Working with generators, power grids, and energy devices is covered through study in a power systems course. These courses are integrated into lessons on computers and digital electronics. Colleges usually require students to pick a concentration in their senior year of study.

Working through a master’s degree has students completing specialized training in areas like digital systems and microwave engineering. Most programs have student’s continuing education in the same discipline as their bachelor’s degree or a mixture of disciplines. A combination of advanced study and working on engineering research provides students with the knowledge to enter careers as specialists, managers, and electrical engineers. Education focuses on providing technical ability to research, develop, create, and analyze electrical systems within various fields. Curriculum covers areas including networking, biomedical imaging, nanotechnology, and circuit design. Students that continue education into a doctorate program explore advanced concepts. Career training provides students with the option to enter research or teaching careers.

Students can enter career training and learn every aspect of the industry, which enables them to work inside numerous careers. Education is specifically focused on preparing students to meet the responsibilities of working with electrical systems. The opportunity to enter career training is continuing to increase as the field expands on how it operates with new technology. Begin education in this growing field by finding the right college program for you. You should enroll in a program that carries full accreditation by an agency like the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ( to ensure that a quality education will be received.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at

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Source by Renata McGee

Electrical Estimating and Current Trends in Electrical Contracting Business

Electrical contracting has always been a very rewarding business which has stood firm through highs and lows of the economy, even during the recession of 2008 the market for electrical contractors didn’t fell, though it remained flat and considering the market, and how other businesses were doing it was considered very relieving. This is the reason that new people keep getting attracted towards the electrical contracting business and therefore the competition in this field has become very tough. Contractors nowadays have to bid on larger number of projects to increase the probability of winning contracts and keep the businesses running. Estimating is a core element for any electrical contracting business to succeed. Estimating if properly done can increase profit margins and eliminate any chances of losses. But with so many projects to bid and to handle running projects side by side it could become too hectic for the contractors.

Big contracting companies have a team of full time estimators in their companies. But if the contractor doesn’t want to put that extra financial burden of full time estimators on his company expenses then he may choose to do the estimation part himself and with the scarcity of time and monotony of the job the person may end up frustrated and start bidding less and end up reducing chances of getting work. A few contractors have found a solution of this problem that is outsourcing the estimating work. Some contractors may feel a bit skeptical about outsourcing the core most part of the contracting business. But according to current market trends a lot of contractors have started giving preference to this option and if you as a contractor overcome this fear than the advantages of outsourcing are far too many. You will be bidding more than your competitors and winning more contracts; you won’t have to spend your time on estimating and can put your all focus and time on further strengthening your business.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing is that you pay them only when you need them and their charges are fairly low as compared to regular estimator and their estimates have been found to be fairly accurate. All such companies are very flexible with pricing and they even offer you a free trial so you get a chance to judge their skills. So considering current market trends if you are not doing well in market than estimation outsourcing may prove to be a game changer for the success of your business.
Source by Sahil Rathore

How To Get The Best Service From An Electrician

There are so many things in our day to day lives that are powered by electricity – from computers to televisions, from our home lighting to our security systems. Any interruption in the supply of electricity can cause a lot of inconvenience. An electric fault can disrupt a business that uses machines or equipment that are powered by electricity. This can lead to losses which can be avoided by using a qualified L2 electrician.

Why You Should Hire A Qualified Electrician

Wiring that is not done correctly can easily cause a fire. Wiring that is not properly designed will distribute the wrong amperage to your electric devices. This will ruin the motors on your appliances. Poor wiring will cause the circuits to get overloaded. This will cause your lights to dim or flicker whenever you plug on an appliance such as a fridge or dryer. When your circuit overloads, the fuses may blow or the circuit breakers will trip which keeps interrupting your supply of electricity. If you experience any of these problems with your wiring, you should get a licensed L2 electrician to check your wiring.

Budgeting For Electrical Work

It is a good idea to get quotes from different qualified electricians before you settle on the one you can afford. The quote should include the cost of the wiring and any fixtures that will be used. You can shop around to find out the fixtures that are available and make a list of the specific models that you prefer. You can give the list to your electrician who will then go ahead and make the actual purchases. You will be better off letting the electrician make the purchases since it may be easier for him to get a discount.

He is also better placed to guide you about your choice of fixtures since he knows the ones that are of good quality and the ones that are not. Once the electrician makes the purchases, he is the one who will have to deal with the supplier if the products are not working properly or if there are parts that are missing.

Checking Your Electrical System

You may not necessarily be an expert in electrical work but there are some things which you can look out for in your electrical system to ensure that you are safe. If you live in an old home, chances are that you may not have enough electrical outlets. This means that the limited outlets that you have can end up getting overworked. The outlets especially get overworked when you use multiple extension cords in the same outlet. You can therefore get an L2 electrician to increase the electrical outlets.

You should also check your service panel to ensure that there is no rust. The presence of rust means there could be moisture build up which can get dangerous when the moisture gets into contact with the electricity. You should also ensure that there are no wires which are exposed or covered with cloth. You should call in an electrician to ensure that the wiring and the service panel are safe.

Source by Nick Muscat