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Can I Heal Myself? Well, Of Course You Can!

I am a great fan of DIY (Do It Yourself).

When the first DIY stores opened up there I was running up and down the aisles filling my shopping cart with anything that fit. I even bought an electric drill and put up shelves everywhere, then hung pictures wherever I could find an empty wall. I was on a roll.

A whole new world opened up for me. No more frantic calls to plumbers, electricians, painters, and what have you. I eventually started to save money, and who could argue with that?

“Not bad for a single Mom with 4 kids breaking things all the time”, I said as I patted myself on the back.

What is my point? Empowerment. I felt empowered because I was in control of something that had previously been an unknown.

When I began learning how to heal my own body and mind, I experienced the same elation. Wow! And yet another whole new world opened up.

Self Healing is empowering. This is your body and your mind we are talking about. Wouldn’t you like to play an active role in their care and nurturing?

The process of self healing needs to begin before you feel ill or come down with something. It needs to begin in the mind, and the body will have to follow.

Self healing incorporates the concept of total wellness at all times.This is the natural state of the body. It is only when an unresolved emotional issue can no longer be ignored, the soul starts to speak to us through the body. Were you even aware that the body speaks to you? What a concept. But this is not illness. This is the amazing dance between the mind and body, keeping us on track at all times, and showing us what needs to be cleared out and when.

A powerful and effective way to release and clear out issues, and therefore get back to health, is through Meditation.

In keeping with the self healing path, meditation allows and even assists you to quiet first the body, then the mind.

Once the mind is relaxed, one can easily enter a dialogue with any area of the body that needs balance.

Talk to it, visualize it, send it light, bathe it. In other words, do whatever intuitively feels right in order to heal.Use Guided Imagery, Crystals, Tapping, any and all relaxation techniques, and do not give up until you feel better.

You will know when the issue has been resolved, because the cold will clear up, or the back pain will go, or something along those lines.

I suggest formally learning some sort of energy healing technique. There are so many out there today, it shouldn’t be a problem to find something fascinating. And your friends and family will thank you. It’s an awesome thing to have a healer around the house. Even better than a plumber or electrician, right?

Source by Eliya Sydney

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